Ba Be National Park – Riding motorcycle in nature’s tranquility

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Lying 200 km to the North of Hanoi, Ba Be National Park (Bac Kan province) is an extraordinary region of beautiful landscapes with Karst formations, pristine lakes, waterfalls and lush forests. The place is home to some minority groups with rich cultures and authentic lifestyle. This whole area is a gem of tourism in Northern Vietnam. No doubt that motorcycle tours in Vietnam has the place as a must-ride-to destination.

Ba Be National Park – a must-ride-to for Vietnam motorcycle tours!

Ba Be lake

Firstly, this is the largest natural lake of Vietnam. It sits at an altitude of 145 meters, surrounded by the greenery of Ba Be National Park. The water stretches for 8 km in length and 800 meters in width, and with year-round emerald color. There are small rock formations dotting the lake’s surface, making it like a picture in Avatar movie. The 35 m deep water is home to over 100 species of fish. The lake’s water is empowered by 03 smaller lakes: Pe Lam, Pe Leng and Pe Lu. A range of picturesque green Karst formations and forests encircle the lake. Plunging into the cool water of Ba Be lake is something riders cannot afford missing on their Vietnam motorcycle tours. You can also go boating or kayaking in the lake.

Vietnam cycles tours to Ba Be Lake

Ba Be National Park

Covering over 7610 hectares, the National Park of Ba Be was established in 1992. At first, this was an effort to protect the evergreen forests and the bio-system within it. This was the keystone for tourism to thrive in the region later on.

The National Park, centered by Ba Be lake, is an area of otherworldly beauty. There are limestone peaks towering from the dense forests. Additionally there are rivers, caves, small hamlets of the minorities. All of these have turned the place an alluring destination for Vietnam motorcycle tours.

The park is home to such a diversity of flora and fauna. the vegetation of Ba Be National park mainly consists of limestone and evergreen forests. There are 65 mammal specials recorded, like macaque, langur, black bear, serow. There are 233 bird specials, 43 reptile and amphibian species. And more than 350 species of butterflies have been recorded.

The National park is a favorite destination for many Vietnam motorcycle tours. Riding in the National park is going back to nature’s tranquility and getting a way from city’s hustles.

The National Park is 50 km from Bac Kan city.

Places to visit in Ba Be National Park on Vietnam motorcycle tours

Puong Cave

During free time, one can travel to Puong Cave, threaded through by the Nang River. The cave is fairly large, about 50 meters high and almost 300 meters long. Once inside, you might want to look up and see a ceiling full of bats, with more than 18 species.

The cave is a giant limestone cavity through which the Nang river threads. The cave is 300 meters long and 30 meters high with multiple stalactites and stalagmites. Tens of thousands of bats cover the cave’s ceiling. And you can board a smaller boat along the Nang river to go into the cave. This is worth combining with a boat trip around Ba Be lake and Dau Dang water fall.

Vietnam motorbike tour to Puong Cave in Ba Be Lake

Puong cave is, however, not the only cave in the area. If you are into caves, look for Hua Ma cave. This one sits in the Hua Ma range (or locally “Horse Head mountain”). But first, you will need to climb 300 meters to get to the cave’s mouth. Inside the cave, there are beautiful stalagmite and stalactites. This beautiful interior extends for 700 meters long and some 45 meters high.

Dau Dang Waterfall

The placid water of Nang river runs through Puong Cave for another 10 km. Then it is blocked by numerous big stones, pressuring the current into a waterfall. Consequently, the scenery is stunning high cliffs run along 2 edges of the fall.

Vietnam motorbike adventure to Dau Dang water fall in Ba Be lake

Accommodation in Ba Be lake area

Certainly, there are peaceful villages of the locals dotting around the lake. And they live in traditional houses on stilts, usually with thatched roof. As a result of tourism advance, western facilities are available (clean bed, mattress, western toilet with hot shower). In addition, these home-stays accommodate meal requests as they can cook excellent local food, accompanied with the famous local moonshine.

So, let’s join our 3 days Vietnam motorbike tours to Ba Be National Park.  Subsequently, enjoy the tranquility of Ba Be lake and its pristine surroundings.

How long is it to ride motorbike to Ba Be National Park from Hanoi?

The mainstream is following QL3, and then QL279 to get into the National Park. The total distance is 233 km of paved road of good quality. So, one can expect to leave Hanoi in the morning and arrive in late afternoon. There are off-roads along the route to thread through villages or countrysides. These roads truly help enhance the thrill of your Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Motorbike adventure to Ba Be lake area

Contact Motorcyclist – your Vietnam motorcycle tours organizer for more information about riding to Ba Be lake and Ba Be National Park.

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