Y Ty motorbike tour – On the winding trails

by admin Dec 22, 2018

Y ty motorbike tour – The thrill of riding in the wilderness

Lying 359 km (223 miles) to the north west of Hanoi, Y Ty is place of incredible mountain scenery. Touring Y Ty on motorbike is truly a thrill like none and certainly, Y Ty motorbike tour is among our highlights. The motorbike ride in Y Ty get you close to blue mountain ranges, misty clouds, grandiose rice terraces. Therefore, the place has attracted a great number of riders and photographers to explore. There, life remains unchanged for many hundred years. And the minority Ha Nhi people still live in their earthen walled houses, under grass rooves.

Vietnam motorbike tours to Y Ty

Roaming among the dramatic mountainous landscape on Y Ty motorbike tour

Riding motorbike to Y Ty was, not until recently, a mission impossible. Roads were more like mud trail slithering through mountains, over-passed waterways, then ends up nowhere in the clouds. And local people either had to walk or wrapped around their little scooter tires a link of chain to increase friction. Accessing Y Ty would thus, required a great sense of adventure, especially the neighboring Sapa was luring people away. Sitting on the motorbike, winding your way to threat through forests, mountains and villages in Y Ty is surely a unique experience.

Travel by motorbike to Y Ty, Vietnam

These days, over a half of the road distance linking Y Ty and Sapa, or Y Ty and Lao Cai, is in good condition. The somewhat poor investment and seasonal rain keep a good part of the road bumpy, just enough to test the adventure spirits. But this beautiful land is surely worth it.

Ha Nhi minority

Ha Nhi people seen during motorbike tour to Y Ty

On our Y Ty motorbike tour, we will be riding through small communities of the Ha Nhi minority. They occupy 50% of the population, with distinctive culture and everyday life.

This agrarian-based people live in uniquely designed houses, called “Trinh Tuong”. The foundation of the Trinh Tuong house is a trench of 1 meter (3 ft. deep). This trench is made of stone gravels without any kind of glue. The foundation rises 0.5 meters (1.5 ft.) above the ground. On this, there stands an earthen wall. A mold made by wooden planks keep earth in between during construction. Each mold is about 6 ft. long and 1.8 ft. wide. The builders then use large long pestle to pressure earth inside the mold to increase density. The walls rise about 3 – 4 meters (9-12 ft.). The roof is the final part, usually made by rice straw or grass.


These days, thanks to the moving forward, Y Ty has taken another step further to offering services. The local are offering extra space in their homes to accommodate travelers’ needs. Clean & soft beds are also available with hot shower and, in some places, western toilet.

What to bring on your Y Ty motorbike tour

From April to October, Y Ty’s weather has mostly sunny days, temperature varies from 20 – 30 Celcius (68 – 86 F), and can easily drop 5 – 10 Celcius at night. This is also the time of the rainy season, with possible passing showers. Temperature from October to March is largely cooler, around 5 – 20 Celcius (40 – 68 F), coolest months are from December to March. Throughout the year, due to high elevation (1500 – 2000m above sea level, or 4500 – 6000 ft.), clouds can be expected on daily basis.

Thus, a list of recommended items are:

  • Poncho
  • Jacket
  • Insect repellent
  • Medicines (for cold, diarrhea)
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers for all electronic devices

Feel free to consult Motorcyclist Tours for further info.

When is the best time for a motorbike tour to Y Ty?

While it’s more convenient to ride motorbike here from April to October (when the weather is warmer), you might consider this:

End of may – early June: The time the local start their rice cultivation. This is when the water floods over the huge steps of the terraces, creating gigantic mirror reflecting the skies above.

Motorbike adventure to Y Ty, Vietnam

September is usually the time the local farmers harvest rice. Along hillsides, layers and layers of rice field terraces shape like an everlasting stairway to the clouds, and all covered in a golden color of the ripening rice. The grandeur is not easily seen anywhere else in Vietnam

Travel by motorcycle to Y Ty, Vietnam

Reward yourself with an adventure on a motorcycle to Y Ty, this surely is an experience of a life time. Certainly at Motorcyclist Tours, we offer different tours that include Y Ty. Among the highlights, check out this North West motorbike tour and we hope to ride along with you in Y Ty.

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