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Ba Vi National Park Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 1 Day

Ba Vi National Park lies 1.5 hours’ driving from Hanoi’s city center, and a great summer retreat located in Ba Vi mountain range. The place is home to stunning mountain scenery, curly trails hanging along the mountain’s side. It’s also home to a great variety of tropical fauna and flora. The motorbike ride uphill of Ba Vi is surely one of the best that you can do while staying in Hanoi and have a day to yourself.

Ba Vi, in Vietnamese, means “03 pinnacles” – due to the shape of the 03 mountain’s pointy tops: Dinh Vua, Tan Vien and Ngoc Hoa, all above 1100 meters in altitude. In summer months (from April to September), one can enjoy the view of Hanoi from one of these tops. However, the height and the location of the National Park trapped clouds in during the winter, when one can hardly see the peaks.

The cool climate made the French ranked Ba Vi similarly to Sapa or Da Lat, and constructions were taking place in Ba Vi, turning it into a hill station. To date, some French ruins can still be found on site, such as an old, eerie tumbling church, or relics of some old hotels and villas, and even a prison. Time have grown a layer of greenery on these pieces of history, but these sites surely deserve seeing.

The place is now a summer shelter for Hanoians and it’s home to a a good number of hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Day by Day Itinerary


Starting from Hanoi, go about 60 km through Son Tay, visit the Son Tay Raid site where the U.S Army tried to rescue prisoners who were detained in the war of sabotage in North Vietnam.


At the foot of Ba Vi Mountain, the road from here begins to crooked and steep, sharp turns and blind turns that require you to have good driving skills and experience. The scenery from here also gradually attracts you. As you ride up, the view is extended. You will see the plain along the bottom of the village and faraway river. The primary species are preserved in the status quo, which is the biodiversity conservation of Ba Vi.
After a steep downhill stretch of 1100m, you will continue to walk 200 meters further to the shrine, where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery when coming to Ba Vi mountain.


After the sightseeing, you ride down the mountain for lunch at the restaurant and have a little rest.


Visiting the ancient Duong Lam Village, located at the foot of Ba Vi Mountain is an ancient village of Vietnamese people, where rare still retain the traditional architecture with wooden houses and walls made of bee-type stone. The laterite soil is mined locally and after hardening it will harden into rock. You will visit several families and chat with the host, learn about the life of the people in the village.


Continue to visit some highlights of the village as Mong Phu Communal House, Ancient Wells, Village Gate … and then back to Hanoi.


Arrive Hanoi with crazy traffic and finish your 1 day tour around Hanoi.

Way to Ba Vi

Ba Vi National Park

From Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park

Ancient House

Ba Vi National Park

Duong Lam Village

Ba Vi National Park

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