North East Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days

If bikers don’t have enough 10 days for 1 full North East Vietnam Motorbike Tour Route then can take this suitable 6 days tour. This route of tour will bring you to the point of fantastic mountain of North East Vietnam such as Ba Be Lake/National Park, Ban Gioc Water Fall located on the border with China. For the Bikers who can extend 2 more days extra can combine this motor tour with a Ha Long Bay boat trip. From Lang Son, the guide will lead you ride direct to Ha Long Bay instead of Hanoi for the 2 days sleeping on boat trip in the World’s Heritage – Ha Long Bay.

This route is also the perfect choice for bikers who love the off-road path in Vietnam. There are many local mountain hill tribes and villages which are connected by a net of narrow roads. Most among them are just only for buffalos will be perfect conditions for Vietnam Dirt Biker Motorbike Tours.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Be (200 km)

Today will be a long day with more than 200 km to pass. You need at least 6 hours to reach Ba Be Lake because traffic in this area is pretty crowded.
8h30 riders should be present early at the Motorcyclist Tours’ workshop to pick up motorbikes and riding gears, ready for the journey to explore Vietnam.
In the morning the traffic in Hanoi is chaotic, it will be difficult for the biker first riding in Asian country like Vietnam. However, your guide will choose the safest and easiest way for you, avoid riding as much as possible to go on highways where there are many vehicles.
The scenery will not be worth mentioning until after lunch on the road, you will stop about 1.5 hours for lunch. After that, the landscape will slowly be more beautiful in your eyes as you ride up to mountains of the Northern. There are many Off-Roads here for dirt bikers challenge their skill.
After about 6 hours riding, you will arrive Ba Be Lake, the guide will take you to a Tay ethnic group’s village located right next to the lake shore. Staying and having dinner with a family while enjoying the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of Ba Be Nature Park.

  • Distance/dirt-road: 160/50km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Level: Intermediaate/advandced
  • Meal: Lunch,Dinner
  • Acommodation: Home-stay

Day 2: Ba Be Lake – Cao Bang (150 km)

Ba Be National Park is a famous tourist site of adventure tours. Located in Bac Kan province on the limestone mountain range, Ba Be Lake has its high about 145m above the sea level and is one of 20 nature made lakes of the world need to be preserved.
The abundant biodiversity of the fauna and flora with its tourist attractions as well as the hospitality of local people are attracting a lot of visitors who love nature come to Ba Be Lake. Some activities you can experience such as boating on the lake to visit Puong Grotto, Dau Dang Water Fall, of you can get motorbike driving to visit more local villages of other ethnic groups surround.
After breakfast, the guide and the host will take you to a boat trip on Ba Be Lake.
You will recognize the pristine and traces of time on the trees and the rock of the Nature made Lake. Cruising through out of 3 lakes, the boat will take you upstream along the Nang River up end to the Puong cave built by nature. On the stroll around the lake, you will see the fishing activities of the people, sometimes catching the image of the monkeys living among nature give you more excitement and unique feeling.
On the way cruising around the lake, you will find some fishing activities of the local man, sometimes as monkeys living between nature … will give you more excitement.
After the boat trip, you return homestay to get the motorbike and continue the journey to Cao Bang. On the way out of the national forest, once again you will be looking at the lake from the high above the road running around the lake under the thick forest.
After lunch on the way, the guide can take you off the road to get closer to people in ethnic villages, the feeling will be touching and interesting.
Arrival on Cao Bang around 17:00 PM, the bikers will check in at the hotel / homestay, relaxing and having dinner and wait for the most beautiful road the next day.

  • Distance/dirt-road: 160/50km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Level: Intermediaate/advandced
  • Meal: Lunch,Dinner
  • Acommodation: Home-stay

Day 3: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Water Fall – Quang Uyen (160 km)

The most expected day is today, this loop will bring you to the most beautiful area of the North East Region of Vietnam by the roads winding along the blue Quay Son River to Ban Gioc Water Fall.
Bikers will wake up early in the morning, have a good breakfast and then leaving for the Water Fall. The first attraction should be Ma Phuc High Pass. The scenery from the top of this pass changes every season of the years especially in the rice harvesting time.
Definitely, you will be captivated by roads in this land when you more and more get closer the Fall. The guide will get you off from the main road riding closer to the river where there are many local villages located. Off-road bikers can also get high with some expected small dirt tracks for changing the emotion.
Beforehand, you will stop for visiting the fabulous pristine Nguom Ngao Cave near by the Water Fall which is made by Nature from lustrous granite stone. Thousand shapes of stalagmites and stalactites are shining under the light from your torch.
After that, you will move to admire the Ban Gioc Water Fall that has three water terraces located between Vietnam and China. In order to make you more exciting, the guide will set up a small picnic lunch right at the foot of the water fall, you can have lunch while enjoying the marvelous scenery of Nature.
Afterward, all riders will follow the borderline with China come back Quang Uyen by the other way via Ha Lang to make a loop tour. Tonight, you will stay at a very hospitable Nung ethnic family’s homestay.

  • Distance/dirt-road: 160/50km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Level: Intermediaate/advandced
  • Meal: Lunch,Dinner
  • Acommodation: Home-stay

Day 4: Quang Uyen – Bac Son (150 km)

In the early morning in Quang Uyen, when everyone still snoring, the lord lady would prepare for you a lovely breakfast with banana krepe with bee honey which is a French culture.
Staying here in Quang Uyen homestay on Saturday will be a good idea, so that you can join a local Sunday market close the homestay. Once per week, local people surround bring to sell in this market their agriculture products which are fed or grown be themselves such as vegetables, fruits, little animals, dogs, cats, chicken, pigs and animal meats. There are many people working as blacksmith in Quang Uyen, you will see some making or repairing agriculture tools from steel taken from truck’s leaf spring and sell to the others.
Leaving Quang Uyen, your guide would take you through the remote mountainous regions of Cao Bang heading to Bac Son, Lang Son. Riding through the paths that became history of the war against Chinese invader of Vietnamese people in 1979. Six northern Vietnam’s provinces with over 1400km border line were invaded, destroyed and shot to kill Vietnamese.
Continue riding on the winding roads through the mountains, you will arrive Bac Son Valley and stay in the homestay of Tay ethnic people. You will have a lovely dinner with some traditional dished of Tay people sharing the meal with family.

Day 5: Bac Son - Hanoi (160 km)

Bac Son is known as a beautiful valley with the colorful rice plots as the brocade motifs on the beautiful skirts of local girls in Bac Son. The color of Bac Son Valley is changing over seasons during the year.
The village of Tay ethnic group with hundred stilt houses doted in Bac Son rice paddy, you can take a walk visiting around in the early morning for understanding the life of local people. And or the guide with take you on hiking trip up to top of the mountain to admire the amazing beauty of Bac Son Valley from the high.
Your 5 days 4 nights Vietnam motorbike tour would end soon when today is the last day. After the hiking, all bikers will walk back to the homestay and prepare for departure back to Hanoi. The guide should bring you back around 4h00 pm in order to avoid the traffic jam, finish a wonderful motorbike trip in Vietnam with your most satisfaction. We hope to ride with you on the other motorbike tours in Vietnam in the nearest future.

Ba Be Lake
Ban Gioc Water Fall
Nguom Ngao Grotto
Bac Son Valley

Tour Map

Ha noi– Ba Be Lake – Cao Bang – Quang Uyen – Bac Son - Hanoi


MotorBike Tour Details & Information

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