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Up North Ha Giang Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 6 Days

Most amazing area is this region. Nice words as “Huge Geopark, Magnificent and Totally Nature, Stunning, Amazing View, Unusual and Mesmerizing Scenery, No picture can justify it, Beyond beautiful, This place is Unreal or Untouched Nature and Local Culture…” were talked about Ha Giang by travelers all around the world.

Ha Giang is quite remote area border line with China was formed by thousand craggy limestone mountains. Only rocks and rocks everywhere- that’s story about thousand years ago. Nowadays, groups of ethnic people turn the rocks into the fields growing corn, rice, flowers… Under the French colonial people used to grow lots of opium and now it is illegal.

Tourist attractions are Ha Giang, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Yen Minh, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Bao Lac and Ba Be National Park

You absolutely must come all the way up to Ha Giang  if you go to Vietnam. The huge Geopark has amazing views with steep mountains, lovely valleys, roads are small and bend alot, sharp and blind turns. Therefore, Ha Giang Motorbike trip is a real adventure for all bikers.

The ethnic people here are still in traditional dress and not spoiled by tourism. The markets are considered as the cultural center. After a hard-working week, local people are waiting for market day for selling their goods that they have. All the members of family together go relaxing, meeting friends and cheering corn wine. Besides, H’Mong people here once per year go attending the famous Love Market in Khau Vai. This one is not for selling and buying thing. Khau Vai-a place for men and women who loved each other but cannot married. Once per year they come here and find the other talking about their life and love stories before. Definitely join in colorful weekend market if you have chance and calculate your trip in order to stay here on Sunday is a good advised.

Motorcyclist Tours will advise you to choose a suitable tour with your days so that you and your friends can attend the Incredibly Dong Van Market on Sunday Morning.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Vu Linh (180 km)

We will be ready at Motorcyclist Tours’ workshop at 09:00 AM to pick-up your most comfortable motorbike and protective helmet and other stuff. Practicing and getting acquainted with your new motorbike is really necessary to those who haven’t driven for such a long time. In order to drive safely, our guide and technician will provide you the most significant thing about the traffic rules which is considered like nowhere in the world. The most useful advice is that you should forget all about your country’s traffic rules since it is totally different in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
Driving 180 km is not short and easy task while taking motorbike tour in Vietnam. It takes almost 6 hours including the break on the way. The guide will lead the way and take around 15 minutes to get out of Hanoi on dyke roads to avoid the heavy and crazy traffic around 09:00 AM.
It is so boring to driving on big and busy road, of course we have to take our own way to pass through the small narrow road passing the Northern Vietnam villages. It is good opportunity for people who would love to know more about Vietnamese cultures. During the way, you can stop to talk local people about their daily life and customs and take a shooting the most about untouched Nature and Local Culture. It is really moment for the trip of your life time.
Our destination today is the White Dzao homestay capturing under the palm forest where we can meet a lot of beautiful women in their traditional dresses with black teeth. We will be warmly welcome by the youngest host in a multiples generations family. He will take us to sight-seeing by boat through the most beautiful lake in this area. You can bring some bikini and mankini for the jumping deep in the cool water and nice swimming.
The dinner will be prepared by the housewife with many local special dishes. The small party at homestay is promising to last long since the host offer a lot of corn wine. It is the unspoken rules of local people here that all guests and host won’t finish the meal until you are drunk.

Day 2: Vu Linh – Ha Giang (150 km)

We should wake up early to start the second day to feel the fresh air in this peaceful area which is totally different with your daily life at home. It comes to your ears with very strange sounds like the hungry pigs, the duck and or even the laughing and the shouting of children playing game outdoors.
The simple breakfast will be served with banana pancake and honey. A special Vietnamese coffee will bring you the new day with full of energy and happiness.
We say goodbye to our beloved local host after cheer-up with corn wine to show up the hospitality of the people here. Following the road along the lake, we gradually leave Ngoi Tu village. There are two options of the road conditions for you to choose. With those who like to travel on the silk road, we will pass through Luc Yen where people sell a lot of precious stones. For crazy guests, we choose mud or dirt road that goes through many villages, it is longer and harder and taking more time.

Follow the road along the lake, we gradually leave NgoiTu village. There are many options for the road conditions, with those who like to travel on the silk road, we will pass through Luc Yen where people sell a lot of precious stones. For crazy guests, we choose mud or dirt road that goes through many villages, longer and harder and takes more time. After lunch on the way around one hour, we will continue our journey on the winding roads, pass through the forests, streams, villages or terraced fields.
Arriving Ha Giang at around 5 pm, after refresh, we check-in the home stay or hotel in city center (your optional) and have a rest after long drive the high mountain’s trip on the next day.

Day 3: Ha Giang – Dong Van (150 km)

The majestic natural scenery of geological rock plateau Dong Van is the highlight of this Hagiang Motorbike tour.
In the morning, we should wake up a little early to prepare carefully such as their belongings, batteries recharging, and empty the memory cards for their cameras. Our guide will check the motorbikes safety ratings to ensure that we do not experience any undesirable faults.
After nice breakfast, we start to our journey today.
The height (altitude) and slope of our journey today is completely changed, there are many winding roads, passes, slopes and dangerous bends. We must adhere to all guidelines of the guidelines seriously to ensure the safety of all members of the group. From Ha Giang to Dong Van Rocky Plateau there are many high passes, Quan Ba is one of them, we will reach the top of the pass – Heaven Gate and enjoy the heaven gate – we called it the unreal or untouched nature of local culture.
After the rhythm of riding through the pass sometimes covered with clouds, we will stop for lunch in the town of Yen Minh. We will have lunch around one hour. This day, you will take this chance you want to get even stronger, our guide will take you to the more off road, even funnier, and more energy-efficient. than.
Traveling through continuously stunning roads gives us the great feeling. We will stop for lunch in the town of Yen Minh about one hour. Today if you would like to try some thrilling and stronger feeling, our guide will take you to the more off-road or no road. Even though driving on hard off-road consumes you’re your energy, it brings the rider the most breakthrough day in your motorbike tour.
Traveling through Yen Minh, we will reach to Dong Van Geopark, where there are thousands of limestone mountains with sharp peaks like cat ears. Amazing we will be mesmerized at untouched Nature
If time permits, we will visit the Palace of H’Mong’s King 12km before Dong Van. Otherwise, we will go straight to Dong Van to check-in hotel, have dinner then walk around Dong Van ancient street.

Day 4: Dong Van – Bao Lac (150 km) Sunday

One of the most unique culture in Dong Van is weekend market. Sunday Market is considered as the festival and the remarkable culture center of the region. There are many ethnic groups around the area come to the market to exchange, buy, meet or get together …
Today, we should get up early to join the market with the people here. We can either have breakfast at the hotel / homestay or taste some food of the people right in the market. We are attending the market until 10:00 then we will continue to go rock and roll again towards Bao Lac.
What is waiting in front of us is the most beautiful pass of motorbike tour in Ha Giang, called Ma Pi Leng Pass. It is located on “Hanh Phuc” road meaning Happiness, which was constructed by The Youth in 16 mountainous provinces in the North for 8 years. The most difficult part of this Pass is processed by workers who was hovering over the rope to make it the safe part to travel. Tourists of course are amazed at the splendid and magnificent natures of Dong Van Plateau
Passing Ma Pi Leng Pass, we will stop for lunch at Meo Vac Town. You can either cross the river with bamboo rafts on this challenging road or normal easy way, which is not easy for new or experienced riders, but worth a try. passing the with option after lunch we will choose to go easy or challenging road. There are many other bikers who have chosen to cross the river with bamboo rafts on this challenging road, which is not easy for new or experienced riders, but worth a try.
After crossing the river, continue to conquer the crooked pass tourists in Northern Vietnam, we will come to Bao Lac when it starts to dark. We check in hotel/home stay and ready for dinner. After dinner, we will share pictures and emotions after a day through Dong Van Plateau.

Day 5: Bao Lac – Ba Be National Park (150 km)

Bao Lac where we are staying is a small mountain town with many different ethnic groups living here. Especially there is a group of ethnics Black Lo Lo people – identifiable by the black cultural clothes they wear from which their name derives. Visiting one of the Black Lo Lo Village is not a bad idea; however, our guide will manage a time to be at Ba Be around 15:00 PM so that we have enough time to take a boat trip around Ba Be Lake.
Departing at 8am, we continue through the zigzag ways, passing through the villages and green rice fields to Ba Be. Known as a nature reserve, Ba Be consists of a large lake in the mountains, surrounded by rich fauna and flora. A village of the Tay ethnic minority on the lake side will be our stop here tonight. After greeting the family and parking the car and furniture into one place like “home garage”. The host will take us on a boat trip around Ba Ba Lake, visit the serene lake and the lives of fishermen. Coming back from our trip to the lake, we will be treated to delicious dishes of Tay people at dinner, the home stay owner will come to cheers with us, and both hosts and guests will learn each other’s culture at the party. After dinner, we will either drink beer and talk about the trip or take the motorbike 5 km outside the park’s service area to experience the massage and bath services of the ethnic people, relax to get more energy for the next day.

Day 6: Ba Be – Hanoi ( 200 km)

The last day of Ha Giang Vietnam Motorbike tour will be a longest day for all of us. Reaching Hanoi early about 15:00 PM is necessary to avoid rush hours. We get up early breakfast and coffee at the homestay, then leave Ba Be at 08:00 AM toward Hanoi. Follow the path through the jungle along the side of the mountain next to Ba Be Lake, we will look back to the splendid natural landscape of the lake again before returning to the city with crazy traffic.
The way from Ba Be to restaurant, we can still follow the path through the villages of the small ethnic group. After lunch, the road began to crowded with a variety of vehicles. However, our guide will try to select smaller village roads and avoid highways to ensure safety. Getting to Hanoi about 15:00 PM, we will avoid the situation of traffic jam everywhere in the city. Farewell to tour guide of Motorcyclist Tours hope we have a memorable motorbike tour in Vietnam. We might expect we will be traveling together in other lands to explore all countries of Southeast Asia.

Vu Linh
Dong Van
Meo Vac
Ba Be Lake

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