Ha Giang – A heaven for motorbike touring

by admin Jan 02, 2019

Ha Giang is the northern most province of Vietnam. A land of mystery, home to incredible Karst formations, verdant valley and the ever lasting trails connecting the mountains. Motorbike tour in Ha Giang is the best way to explore this beautiful region.

Ha Giang motorbike tour – A great way to explore northern Vietnam

Dong Van Karst Plateau

The Dong Van Karst Plateau is a geopark of Ha Giang province. The Geopark covers an area of four districts: Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba. The average elevation is around 1500 meters above sea level.

North Vietnam motorcycle tours

This geopark is an extremely picturesque region and a must for any Ha Giang motorbike tour to make way through. Some 80% of the park’s area is limestone. They shape great pinnacles, stretching to as far as the eyes can see. Yes, it’s rocks and rocks. The trails in Ha Giang are among the most winding. Each slithers along the cliff side, and through small villages of the 17 minority groups dotting along the way. At some points, it almost feels like riding in an otherworldly scenery.

Ma Pi Leng pass

Motorbike tour on Ma Pi Leng pass
Ma Pi Leng pass

Known as one of the 4 greatest passes of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng pass hangs 1500 m above sea level, overlooking the emerald Nho Que river. This stunning pass brings motorbike riders a perfect panoramic view of the great valley beneath. Along the pass, there are stops where riders can admire the grandiose scenery. We surely will ride on this jaw-dropping pass on our Ha Giang motorbike tour

Lung Cu flag tower


The last point of Vietnam’s last frontier to the North: Lung Cu. Certainly, this is the northernmost point of Vietnam, where our Ha Giang motorbike tour can’t miss. Motorbike riding to Lung Cu is a task of extreme fun and capture the stunning scenery of Karst pinnacles, one after the other. Motorbike riders can reach the foot of Lung Cu Flag Tower, hike up and see the grandest panorama of the surroundings. After that, there are small communities with authentic living style. As a result, you can go for a walk and meet the friendly local in their everyday life activities. Exploring the local cultures is an integral part of our North Vietnam motorbike tours in general, and our Ha Giang motorbike tour in particular.

Dong Van Old Town

Dong Van old town house, Ha Giang
A house front in the Old Town of Dong Van

This Old Town is among most famous places of Ha Giang, and among the places we stay overnight on our Ha Giang motorbike tour. Established in the 1800s, it is home to some 40 houses built from more than 100 years ago in the traditional style. Among first people who lived in the town, there were the H’mong, Tay and Chinese. As a result, walking in the old town brings a feel of going back in time.

The French also had their touch here. The biggest landmark left by the French is the architecture of Dong Van market (built in 1920). The structure includes stone columns and ying-yang tiles. However, the market is moved out to a place nearby while the building remains. But you can surely sit here in one of the small cafes for a drink.

The town has some good infrastructure and it’s the common overnight stops for a good number of North Vietnam motorbike tours. For example, places where you can stay are:

H’mong king’s house

Vuong Duc Chinh (1865 – 1947) was the king of the H’mong who lived in the 04 districts of Ha Giang: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Dong Van. He constructed his own property from 1919 – 1928, which had 64 rooms and covered an area of 3000 sq meters. At the time of construction, the total cost was equal to today’s 7 million US.

Ha Giang motorbike adventure

The mansion was constructed all by hands, without any machinery. The local builders collected stone from 7 km away, shaped them before transporting them to the site of construction. On our Ha Giang motorbike tour, we will ride on a scenic route connecting Dong Van Old town and this beautiful H’mong king’s house.

The exotic life of the local minorities

Lady sitting and waiting for buyers to come and sell pigs
A lady selling pig at the market

There’s a distinctive type of market, available mostly in the northern area of Vietnam: The once-a-week market. Subsequently, each takes place on a certain day of the week based on lunar calendar. Most interestingly, this is the chance when people are dressed up and go to the market for buying-selling, eating, drinking and simply socializing. In short, this market is a perfect place to stop by on our Ha Giang motorbike tour.

The H’mong, being one of the main people living in Ha Giang, have lived here for many hundreds years. Theirs houses are mostly located from 800 – 2000m above sea level. And it’s mind boggling how these people would bring material to build homes at mountain tops. Many of them live in the Trinh Tuong house (earthen wall houses), each wall is build by compressing dry earth in a mold of wooden planks. After that, they fence their houses by gravels, without anything to glue these gravels together. The H’mong live mostly by agriculture, one of that is growing corns on the rocky cliffs. They lead a simple life yet happy life. In the H’mong culture, life is about enjoying and living every single day.

Ha Giang motorbike tour – get ready with Vietnam motorcyclist Tours

Ha Giang motorbike riding

Above all, riding to Ha Giang is truly a unique experience. Firstly the striking  scenery of mountain layers opening in front of your handlebar are thrilling. Secondly the incredible rocky landscapes, the winding trails and the friendly local. And so much more will make your North Vietnam motorbike tour to Ha Giang a trip of a life time

Check out one of our North Vietnam motorbike tours with Ha Giang on the riding route.

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