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Vietnam motorcycle tours is the kind of adventure tour so we highly pay attention on our riders’ safety. We design our tours how for the first day will be the easiest day with short kilometers to ride. The guide will lead you ride on the safest and less vehicle road for you-new riders get used to the traffic in Vietnam.
Before the departure, we always equip for riders some important information about the condition of the road as well as the traffic in order how to adapt to it. We also organize the paying motorbike riding lessons for our tour’s clients who not or has less experient before joining our motorbike trip in Vietnam.
Our tours usually depart from and finish in Hanoi. Besides, you can customize your motorbike tours as your request and the finish place can be not only in Hanoi but the other City else.
Our Vietnam motorbike tours are completely flexible and customizable. However, the change of the schedule on the motorbike tour should be reasonable and be consistent between the tour guide, tour operator and clients, especially should not change with motorbike tours that has many riders (From 8 riders and more) because the rooms cancelation.
Depending on the number of rider in a tour that we layout 1 to 4 tour guides with a mechanic to give our clients more assistance. We can arrange support or pick-up truck in need as your demand.
Another reason to ensure safety for our clients is Vietnam Motorcyclist Tours only use our motorbikes that we own because we do not like other agencies which are just use the rental bikes. And you can imagine, there are a lot of people who have rented and used that motorbike, with poor maintenance that will bring you poor quality cause many failure and discomfort while you are on tours.
We use only Honda motorbikes and maintain by our own staffs to take care any smallest thing belongs to safety condition. Not like the other agencies, we will not bring our bikes to the mechanic shop for repairing, that’s why, our bikes’ quality is always guaranteed.
According to our experience, the touring time management is also important, too. The riders should ride about from 180 kms to 250 kms because the speed limit in Vietnam only 60km per hour outside town and 40 in town. It will take you 6 to 7 hours riding every day, departure at 8h30 and arrive at beer time around 5 pm. The riders also need to bed early at 10 to ensure good health for the ride next day.
Base on the expectation of riders, we organize Vietnam motorbike tours on many kinds and different road condition. On road, Off-Road, small road, mud road, hidden road … as we understand that a motorbike tour is not just the destination but also the journey. It includes the experience of customs, culture and Vietnamese people. Understanding what you most interested in or admiring the beauty of Vietnam and or even you can get back yourself as you on the bike.
There are many homestays in some lovely villages in Vietnam, dining with family and staying in their house is a delightful experience for riders. Our Vietnam motorbike tour route organized with the accommodation are interspersed between hotels and homestay. According to our clients’ reviews, they would love to stay in homestays where they feel to be an important person and that be warmly welcomed. You will be a special guest of the family, exchanging the culture each other and helping the children to learn English, cultivating hope for them to have a better future.
After attending the motorbike tours in Vietnam with us, the riders will not just our customers but our true friends. We keep our good relationship and we share our things of interest. There were many our friends come back Vietnam and do the tours with us again, and they brought more new friends sharing emotion on the motorbike together in Vietnam motorbike tours.

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